Koryu Nikko Hair Dryer M9A 05 (1100 W)


Koryu Nikko Hair Dryer M9A is a Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer with the latest technology that does not use hot steam but is able to dry the hair perfectly. It’s also equipped with negative ion technology to attract water particles, makes drying fast and also giving a gentle and thicker hair.


  • Ceramic system makes perfect blow results
  • Negative ion technology produces soft shiny hair
  • Cold air steam for perfect drying
  • Cold air and speed regulator system as needed
  • Stylish minimalist design with artistic color combination
  • Suitable for traveling

Koryu Nikko Hair Dryer is known for its high quality product and has been used by well-known hair salons, officially used at the Celebrity Fitness, Golds Gym, Puspita Martha Beauty School, and also used by professional hair-stylist.


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